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2020 Pricing 

For 2020, the 110 Club, LLC is initiating a Membership Fee of $50.00.  Regardless of how many times you have driven with us, you are required to pay the membership fee if you plan on driving with us for our 2020 dates.   

Membership fees are non refundable.   

Please Click the link to pay your 2020 membership fee.












***Please read the Driver Agreement before paying the membership fee or purchasing a track day. 




***When you purchase a 110 Club, LLC track day, you own it which means if something comes up and you can't attend, you can sell your entry to whom ever you like.  If you want to sell your spot for $150 more than you bought it for, then have at it.   All you have to do is tell me who is taking it and you are all set.   

Refund Policy

For 2020 will offer a refund policy.    It is encouraged that if you sign up for a track day and can not make it that you find someone to take your spot.  But if you can't, refunds will be made on the following basis:

45 or more days out from the date of the track day - Full refund or complete credit for next event 

44 - 30 days out from the date of the track day - 40% refund or 40% credit to next event

29 - 14 days out from the date of the track day - 20% refund or 20% credit to next event

Under 14 days out from the date of the track day - NO REFUNDS


Please Note:  There will be no credits given if you cancel for the last event of the year (October 2,2020).  Only refunds per the refund policy.  Course Layout  and Date of Track Day is subject to change either by 110 Club, LLC or Pocono Raceway.  There are no refunds for weather unless stated via email by the 110 Club, LLC.  Drivers participate at their own risk.  110 Club, LLC is not responsible for any damage caused to your car or any personal injury you may sustain during our track day.


Please read the FAQ section of the website so that you FULLY UNDERSTAND what you are signing up for.  Thank you.    

If you'd like to sign up and want to pay by a personal or business check, please make the check out to 110 Club, LLC and mail it to the address here.

PLEASE NOTE : Track days are limited to 50 drivers per event.  One driver equals one Payment.  Drivers may share a car but if you are driving you must pay the entry fee.  Passengers are free of charge.     

 Once you are signed up your are in, no exceptions.  Any Questions please refer to the FAQ page or email me here.  

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