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The 110 Club started back in 2010 when a group of guys decided they were tired of going the speed limit in cars that could almost break the sound barrier.  The 110  Club comes from a time when the CEO first broke 100MPH barrier during a road trip to Vermont with a friend in his GMC Typhoon.   The foot came off the gas, the speedometer read 110MPH and the 110 Club was born.   So with that fond memory, the concept of driving your car to the max was concieved by  simply having the race track experience without the racing.   So they rented out New Jersey Motorsports Park one sunny Friday Spring day and The 110 Club was born.


Now in our 13th year and after close to 30 110 Club dates,  we have grown into an elite driving experience that allows the average guy or girl to drive their high horsepower babies to the limit, all in a safe and controlled environment.   We limit our entries to allow maximum track time and tons of fun.  So whether it be at  NJMP and Pocono Raceway, we provide you the opportunity test your driving skills which is sure to leave you grinning ear to ear and wanting more.  

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