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Rain Policy

The 110 Club purchases rain insurance for each track day.   This assures you that if the weather turns bad, you do not have to feel the pressure to drive if you don't want to .   We purchase our insurance through Spectrum Weather Insurance.  The policy is activated if it rains more than .33 inches one hour before we start to one hour before we end our track day (12pm - 5pm) and refunds are only given out if it rains .33 inches or more. 

This is how it works:

If it is forecasted to rain during our event date, you can ask for a full refund up to the time we start.  If it is not raining, we will go Hot on the track and you will forfeit your track day if you asked for a refund    This is ONLY if the weather is Forecasted between the hours that we run.   If it does not rain or rain enough to trigger our policy, and we continue with the day, you will not receive a refund.   If it rains before  our track day and stops and clears up for the time that we are to be on track,  we are going Hot and will run as planned. 

If we start driving and the weather turns south,  Depending on the amount of time that was lost  due to rain will determine how much  of a refund will be given back.  For example if we lose half the afternoon due to raining enough to trigger the policy (.33"), you will receive a 50% refund and so on.  

If we get through 4 out of the 5 hours on track there will be a 10% refund.    If you leave before the weather turns bad and we reach our .33 mark,  you will not receive a refund.  Refunds are only given to those that are signed up for the day of event.   

Refunds are given as a discount to the next track day or cash refunds via PayPal if you can not make any future track days in that calendar year,   

Please note that even if it rains, the track is still Hot and you may go out.   There is no better place to learn how to drive correctly in the rain than on a race track.   The only time that we are asked to stop driving by the track is if there is Lightning that is with in a 10 mile radius of the track.   There must be no lightning strikes within 10 miles of the track for 30 minutes in order for us to be allowed back on the track.    The weather insurance only accounts for rain and not Lightning.   We mainly run at Pocono and the Lightning rule is Pocono Rule, not a 110 Club Rule or Spectrum insurance rule.   If we loose the day to Lightning with in a 10 mile radius but it does not rain enough to trigger the policy, there is no refund. This is the gamble you and I take when dealing with weather.  

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